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Power Play… BIRCHBOX: July 2013

Hi loves!

Ohhhh Birchbox… trying to seduce my inner control freak? Well, at least that was the apparent goal of July’s box of goods that were selected to “help you take control” of any situation. Meh. Sort of.

ArtsyArchitette July 2013 Birchbox Review

I was initially excited about the July box because they were partnered with SUITS!! And I love that show, BUT…

I may be a tad harsh on Birchbox in this moment considering they forgot to include my “Suits Pick!” I should have received theBalm cosmetics InStain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush, but it was missing! Being a fan of Suits and theBalm brand I was a bit peeved to not receive my product.

Granted, Birchbox did give me 100 Birchbox points for the mishap, but that only equals to $10 and the product retails for $22 – so not enough to buy one. I guess something is better than nothing though.

Onto what I did receive…


My favorite product of the bunch was the Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect Leave-in Conditioner! LOVED THIS STUFF! Seriously. No seriously loved it. With my very long, quite curly hair, hydration/ conditioning and all that are high on my list of hair needs, and this made a noticeable difference after the first use. Not something that happens very often. Total hair ends transformation, at least for me. It also has UV (and color protection) – to me that’s a great bonus benefit!

Though in thinking about it, I have also tried the Number 4 Reconstructing Masque and it was amazing as well. The only reason I don’t buy the masque is the price tag, but the leave-in conditioner is definitely more wallet friendly!

The only downfall is the smell. It is supposed to be floral, but comes across more artificial blueberry-clay-ish to me (sorry, bad scent description). Though the scent doesn’t linger.  Full Size Value: $32 USD (200 ml).


The extra in the July box were a set of Birchbox Bobby Pins. Heavy duty (needs a little extra effort to open and slide onto hair), strong, extra wide bobby pins with a cute print. You can get a set of six (6) pins for $5.


The next product I can’t really judge on because, thankfully I haven’t had much of a need for it as my skin has been behaving quite well. It is the DDF Acne Control Treatment. Technically a night treatment with Salicylic Acid that you can apply up to 3 times a day. It is non-comedogenic and paraben-free, though again, I can’t judge on its effectiveness considering I haven’t had a need to test it yet.  Here’s a little more info:

Formulated with three powerhouse acne-fighters, this high-tech nightly treatment quickly brings clarity to your complexion. First, salicylic gently purges pores of dirt and oil. Second, DDF™’s Clarifying Neutralizing Complex strengthens and protects skin from inflammation and free radical damage. Rounding out the winning formula, supermoisturizing glycerin soothes away irritation and quells dryness.

Full Size Value: $44 USD (1.7 oz). It has some good reviews, so I’m happy to have the product to try the next time I need a little skin savior.


Finally, I received a little sample pot of the Benefit it’s potent! eye cream. I was a little wary of this one at first, considering I tried the face cream from the same line and had a bad reaction, but luckily that was not the case with the eye cream. It is a good eye cream, hydrating, but not greasy and sinks into skin quickly. It has a “peptide complex known to help restore elasticity & firmness, a blend of hydrating botanical extracts and loquat extract, known to help protect the skin from free radical damage.” It is supposed to help lighten dark circles and help with fine lines, but I haven’t witnessed anything along those lines yet, not that I have too much to correct (plus I use a different night cream – one I will not give up).  Full Size Value: $34 USD (0.5 oz).

…more soon loves 😉

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Hello Gorgeous!! Shop the NEW COLLECTION: Memoires de Paris!

My NEW Chloe + Isabel jewelry collection is out now and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! There are some simply stunning pieces that I know you’ll love and I can’t wait to get mine.

The new collection was inspired and so aptly named Memoires de Paris!

Here’s a look at just some of the pieces you can get your hands on…





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40% OFF!! End of Season SALE!

It’s FRIDAY lovelies! Celebrate and SHOP my End of Season 40% OFF SALE!

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Review: BA STAR Natural Shadow Palette + 50% OFF for you!!

Hi lovelies!

So, I’m back today with a review of the BA STAR Natural Shadow Palette. I received this lovely little palette courtesy of BA STAR and Brand Backer.

ArtsyArchitette BA STAR Natural Shadow Palette Review

BA STAR is a new brand to me personally, though I had heard of them before, but they do have a good reputation among the performer crowd, like cheerleaders, dancers, and other competitors.

Considering their main audience, I expected the shadows to be well-pigmented and long-lasting, and I was not disappointed!

They offer four shadow palettes, Natural, Smoky, Pretty N Pink and True Blue. Each palette has 3 mineral eye shadows and 2 gel glitters, along with an dual-ended applicator.

The eye shadows are creamy, smooth and quite pigmented with great staying power on their own. I didn’t even use a primer with them, though I can imagine that with the addition of a little lid primer you would be good to go all day and night with these.

The shadows do have some minor fallout, but nothing a little good tapping of the brush can’t help. The shadow colors (bronze, cocoa, and nude) are very similar in color and feel to those in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

ArtsyArchitette BA STAR Natural Shadow Palette Review2

The gel glitters, gold and crystal, are true to their name, they are pure rich glitters that stick well to your skin. So if you’re looking for shimmer, these are not where I would turn, but if you are looking for something to make a bit of statement then check these out.

ArtsyArchitette BA STAR Natural Shadow Palette Review3

There are two minor downfalls I see to this palette:

The gel does not quite set (dry), though it also doesn’t budge where you put it unless some sort of friction is used.

The second would be the generic, cheap applicator that comes with the palette. This isn’t surprising, as most palettes comes with these, but I find them useless and will always choose to use my other brushes.

The price point for this palette is definitely worth mentioning. At $8.75 it is great steal!

So if this has piqued your interest, or your in need quality performance make-up, definitely give BA STAR a try.

And finally, I have something from me and BA STAR to you:

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