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Readers & Subscribers : If you wish to contact me personally, for any reason, please feel free to email or leave me a comment. I always love hearing from you!

Companies & Businesses: If you have a fashion, beauty or other project that you wish to discuss  for business or professional purposes; or wish to have a specific service/product(s) you would like reviewed please email me with details and contact information. Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey 🙂

    love the blog I have just started blogging and this may seem a bit strange but would you mind having a look and telling me what you think?

    Danni x

    • Hi Danni!
      Of course, and thanks for stopping by 😉
      I read through your posts and I really enjoy your writing style, as it is a little different than others I usually come across.
      Perhaps you mentioned it, but I gathered that your English/British? – not sure which term you prefer, as I have come across a few people who have a specific preference.
      Anyways, I like your honesty (and bit of humor) in your life type posts. From everything you wrote so far I would guess that you are going for a day-to-day lifestyle blog? If so awesome, I think that is where your blog is headed, but if not – who cares – its your blog to do with what you like! 😀
      You are definitely in the baby stage of blogging still (not that I’m an old lady at it), but I would say spruce it up/play around, maybe a fun theme you like or just a (possibly funny) picture(s) to go along with the type of day you are having (and posting about); but that’s just me – I’m quite a visual person, so aesthetics and images catch my attention first/most often.
      Hope that helped…
      Sam ♥

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