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Mini Rant: The WordPress “Topics Explorer”

Gosh! Sometimes I very much HATE the fairly new WordPress Reader>Explore Topics layout! It makes it much more difficult to discover new, interesting posts and bloggers.

Let’s face it, sometimes I just don’t want to scroll indefinitely through a topic/tag.

And of course, there is the “loading…” and more “loading…”

Okay. That is all. Mini rant concluded.

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Come find me on Pinterest!

Yes, I have crossed over to the dark side and am officially hooked on Pinterest!

Part me feels like it’s ridiculous (and admittedly, it is), but it is just so addicting – pinning this, pinning that, re-pinning other users awesome finds.

So what are you waiting for – come checkout my boards! 

Are you awesome and on Pinterest? Let me know 🙂