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Get the Look: Nina Dobrev

Hi!!! So in celebration of the recent return (this past Thursday in the U.S.) of TVD – The Vampire Diaries… I put together a few looks – Nina Dobrev Edition! ūüėÄ

Granted, I am admittedly annoyed half the time with Nina’s Elena Gilbert – her wishy washy – self-sacrificing¬†– always the¬†damsel¬†in distress – can’t decide between all the men who love her crap… but she does have an easy going and relatable style.

MINI¬†SPOILER¬†ALERT (in case¬†you missed the premier)…

I also included the ever fabulous, yet nearly always in favor of self-preservation, Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova – who is somewhat similar to Elena, plus the edge of being an indulgent vampire.

Of course, Elena has now fed and transitioned into her own vampiric self… and chosen Stefan Salvatore – again – played by the fine specimen that is Paul Wesley, though she does now remember¬†everything¬†about Damon (Ian Somerhalder), good,bad, sweet and selfish!

I wonder if she’ll have less annoying, wishy-washy moments now that she is no longer her breakable-human self??

Maybe she’ll go on a bloody rampage?! Hmmm….

Get the Look: Nina Dobrev


ONLY leather jacket



Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses

Get the Look: Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

Motorcycle jacket


Converse shoes

Drop earrings

Circle necklace

Get the Look: Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce

Cotton shirt

Stone necklace

Pave jewelry

Feather jewelry

Jane norman

Halloween Idea! Pair your best Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova look with a TVD vampire eye make-up and fangs!! Hmmm… tutorial idea?