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D.I.Y. Costume Ideas: Tim Burton Creations, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, Whip It and Lisbeth Salander

With so many Halloween shops popping up, plus craft, vintage, thrift and donation stores around, it is so easy to throw together amazing costumes with little effort. Whether you need a killer couples thing, or for you and your bestie or something awesome for a singles get together -here are some of my favorites (with a few tips & tricks)!

Sally & Jack – The Nightmare Before Christmas

It would probably be easy to just run out an find this pair in a costume store, but in my opinion, those costumes are often cheaply made, too expensive for the crap quality, thin and drafty, plus it is so easy to pull this off yourself – if you are in a crafty mood.

Stop by a local vintage shop, Goodwill or Salvation Army, or raid your family’s giveaway-throwaway stashes.

If you are willing and able, for Sally, stitch together random scraps of clothing OR find a beige/taupe or brown sheath dress and go to work with some fabric markers (cheap and easy  to get at your local craft store).

Then grab some body paints/make-up and have fun making yourself up like Sally, remember Sally is always stitching herself back together – so nothing has to be perfect here.

Last step, grab an auburn wig (or temporary hair color) and a waterproof eyeliner marker pen adding stiching/seams to your arms, legs and face – this way you can avoid smudging throughout the night.

For Jack: Black pants and jacket, stripe them yourself with white fabric paint/markers – add a white tee and ta da! Suit done. For the bow tie, cut a little felt or other fabric into the shape and add a little flex wire weaved into or glued onto the back so that it stays in shape (cheap and available from your local craft store). Add a neck strap of the same fabric and some body/face paint/make-up (again, I recommend the waterproof eyeliner for around the eyes and face), and you’re complete!

The Corpse Bride & Victor

Victor is easy here, hit up a vintage store and find pieces to create your suit, add a bit of white and grey make-up to wash you out and slick your hair to complete the look.

For the Corpse Bride, search local second hand or discount stores for a flowing white gown and get ready to tatter it up! Take some scissors and cut a few slits and rip the gown with your hands.

For added effect take the dress outside to a well ventilated concrete or gravel covered area and using a lighter, carefully burn the dress where you want – it may/will catch on fire – which is okay, just watch the  flames and stomp them out wearing appropriate footwear.

Once that is done, or if you skipped that part, take blue, white and grey body paint/make-up (the same that you will use for yourself) and using a brush, buff a little color at a time on the torn, burned or natural edges of the dress. Dress done!

For the veil, stop by your local fabric store and buy a couple yards of white tulle or mesh fabric (really cheap to get) and make it up the same way you did the dress, then glue to a flowery head band.

 Final steps are all about the make-up (which you may need help with the get your arms and back) and of course grab a wig (or temporary hair color). Easiest thing is to follow a photo of Corpse Bride, but if you needed a little extra instructions there are YouTube tutorials available for her make-up!

Katniss & Peeta

Easiest costumes ever!! For both, green khaki cargo pants, black tees, black jackets, boots and a few extra props for Katniss would be a small backpack, plus her signature bow and arrows.

For Peeta: Mussed up hair, dirt make-up look and a little fake blood with a rip in his pant leg.

For Katniss: Very natural make-up and a little dirt look too, cream products will work best here. Check out my Katniss Signature Braid post here. You can also pick up a Mockingjay pin from Target 🙂


This is where you really need to hit up your local shops or family/friends closets for those crazy 80’s prom dresses! Add a bit of extra details to the dress/clothing if necessary, large flowers or other appliques (readily available at craft shops).

Then go crazy inventive with your make-up, first whiten your entire face then go bold! For staying power layer powder on top of cream blushes and eye shadows (and also your lipstick!). Avoid placing non-eye products too close to your eyes waterline. You can get also get Paperself lashes at Sephora to really complete the make-up. After all has been applied, powder – powder – powder!

Final step: Add a wig and fun hair piece!


Soooo easy! Quality black clothing, a simple bead necklace and dog tag-type piece. Top it off with GOLD eyeliner!

Rick & Lori – The Walking Dead

I kind of hate Lori – so I would go as Rick! If you don’t mind the gender switch then so can you.

Opt for boots and jeans, covered with fake blood and dirt. Same goes for the shirt, plaid for Lori and if you can locate one, a Sheriff shirt for Rick, complete with badge!

Tip: On a flat surface apply some fake blood to the shirt/jeans, then spray with water  – so the blood bleeds off and disperses – as if you were a sweaty dirty mess and just killed off a half dozen walkers 😉 Avoid “hand-print blood” for a more realistic look!

Smudge a bit of fake blood onto your face for Rick and don’t forget his revolver to complete the look!

Add a fake baby bump for Lori and of course extremely natural make-up.

Walkers – The Walking Dead

Bloody up some old clothing or even shred and burn them (like I mentioned above for Corpse Bride). Pieced stringy hair and add some special effects contacts if you want.

Top it off by buffing grey, purple and flesh-toned body/face paint onto any exposed skin. Add some smudged red eyeliner for that creepy look. Remember to hollow your eyes and smudge some blood around the mouth and hands.

Lisbeth Salander – Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series

Go pale! Black eyeliner over lids and waterlines smudged in that I don’t give a f&^! way. Grungy black hoodie, white or black tank, black leather jacket and black leather pants if you can, otherwise torn black-wash jeans. Black combat style boots are a must!

If you don’t have them yourself, add some fake piercings (nose, lip and brow) and tapered goth earrings. For a cool night: Add black or grey finger-less gloves, slouchy knit beanie and scarf.

Top everything off by getting a black bob wig and cutting it into an asymmetrical short-banged look and a leather backpack, if you need it.

Babe Ruthless – Whip It

Can you roller-skate?!? Then pull out your old skates, add green tights, a green skirt and top or dress, iron on a few killer patches and maybe paint on your alter ego name across the back. Grab some elbow and knee pads, plus a green helmet.

If you can’t find a green helmet, look for a green beanie and tack on star patch. Add some crazy socks and make-up, eye glitter and all!

Tip: If you do plan to skate, you are awesome, but take along some flats too 🙂

There you go, just some last minute ideas that are easy to pull off with a couple hours of craftiness! 

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Nails on Fire – The Hunger Games, China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection

Check me out! Okay, well not me, but here is my quick take on the Katniss Everdeen ‘pre-games interview style’ nail design.

Pardon the glitter and such left on my hands. Now I only did my thumb, as I thought doing every nail this intense, may be a bit much on a Tuesday – though I may do the remaining nails next week or so prior to seeing the movie! I used 5 different nail polishes, 3 of which were part of the China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection for The Hunger Games.

Products Used:

Base coat: Essie “All in One Base” coat

Base Color: China Glaze Capitol Colours “Stone Cold” (swatch below – it’s a MATTE polish which gave the flames a great background!)

Deep Blue/Black Flames: China Glaze Capitol Colours “Smoke and Ashes” (swatch below)

Orange Flames: Sinful Colors Nail Art in “Sunset”

Gold Flames: Sinful Colors Nail Art in “Flower Girl”

Glitter Accents: China Glaze Capitol Colours “Electrify” (swatch below)

Look what I got in the mail today:

So I ended up buying 8 of the 12 colors available in the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection for The Hunger Games. I purchased all of mine from Sally Beauty Supply, 2 in store and 6 online.  All polished were 5.99 (a bit cheaper than quite a few other stores who have clearly marked up the price – I saw 1 store selling them for 8.99 each!) , plus I had good coupons. It only took 2 days for me to receive the online purchased polishes, as they were shipped within Texas.

See the swatches below, as well as the full collection here:

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Luxe and Lush District 1 

Swatch would not show up well, it is clear with silver-blue-violet flakes of glitter (glitter consistency looks a bit like gold/silver leaf)

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Stone Cold District 2

MATTE polish

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Hook and Line District 4

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Electrify District 5

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Fast Track District 6

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Foie Gras District 10

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Agro District 11

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Smoke and Ashes District 12

10 days to THE HUNGER GAMES!!!


Obsess Much: The Hunger Games! Katniss Everdeen’s Signature Braid

If you are a fan of the Suzanne Collins epic trilogy “The Hunger Games” then I’m sure you have every detail of those books memorized and questions surrounding every detail you don’t have.

From the moment I read about Katniss’s signature braid in the books, and considering her character, I had been aching to see what it looked like.  Now I know in the books it is described as being generally straight down her back, but I thought about what happens throughout the day – Katniss surviving, climbing, hunting, running and walking through the woods (and the arena) and how that would effect the style – for that truly semi-disheveled, yet carefree and humidity affected but still lovely look.

Since we are, in a way, lucky enough to have this series  become a very-soon-to-be blockbuster film – we get to have a few of those missing details filled in for us. Granted for this particular detail, it seems they took some leeway with the look – but I’m not disappointed.

Now, Suzanne Collins herself was involved in the production of the movie, The Hunger Games out March 23!!. So I feel it is safe to say that certain details  we are seeing in the movie (that were not already included in the books themselves) is what she envisioned or at least something she agreed enhanced her characters.

Since the promotional materials, movie stills and posters, and trailers have hit the internet, I have been trying to master the Katniss (Movie) Braid. It is not too complicated a style, though with my quite curly – very long hair, french-braiding my own hair poses a few issues, even more depending on how much sleep I had.

For reference, see the images here:

I did come across an article earlier this month, published on, that has the details straight from the lead stylist herself:

” The Hunger Games won’t be in theaters until March, but thanks to the movie’s lead stylist, Linda Flowers, you can get Katniss Everdeen’s signature undone braid right now. “The key to pulling off this style is being creative,” Flowers says. “Her character is fierce yet feminine, so her hair is meant to have texture and look effortless.” Ready to get just as inventive as our District 12 heroine? Keep reading for the complete step-by-step.

Step one: prep
Start by setting hair with The TopStyler, a curling and waving system that Flowers invented herself, using a soft-spin technique to form texture and dimension. Do this by twisting the hair a few times, wrapping it backward with one finger, and clamping it in place using the ceramic shell clips (much the same as you would hot rollers). Let your hair set for 10 minutes and release when cool.

Step two: braid
Create a side-swept French braid by starting on the left side of your head and plaiting around until it drapes over your right shoulder. For a natural, unfinished look, leave a few wispy pieces out of the braid to frame your face.

While I do feel that this is a good general idea, I do think that as the lead stylist, Linda Flowers  should know the details about the signature Katniss Braid – BUT she seems to have included an unnecessary pitch for the TopStyler (the style does not require this particular tool!) – bad form Ms. Flowers.

She also failed to mentioned that the braid is actually a Reverse-French Braid, also known as a Dutch French Braid. Simply – Dutch style means to plait your hair under rather than over like a normal braid. So just like a French braid, you take your three initial sections, but cross each side section under the middle section – taking up more hair in each section as you braid downward.

THOUGH, you can do this style using a regular French Braid method – it looks great either way! I’m still mastering the art that is trying to french braid my own hair, so that it comes out looking fabulous every time.

To sum it all up:

1. PROTECT your hair if you are using heat tools and to combat frizz.

2. Create TEXTURE in your hair (unless you got it naturally).

  • curls
  • waves
  • braiding your hair in small braids and leaving them overnight is a great trick for no-heat texture
  • (even crimps if that’s your favorite)

3.  GATHER your hair to the side that you would like the braid to fall on, deciding where you would like your part to be.

  • The Katniss Braid positions the part about 1 inch off-center to the side which your braid will fall

4. BRAID your hair, starting above your ear from the opposite side of where your braid will fall, plaiting (in either French or Dutch style) around the base of your head towards the shoulder your braid will fall over and secure the end.

5. Optional: TUG your braid apart and pull out some short pieces, if you have layers, for that more casually-sexy, unfinished feel.

And to end things on a truly awesome Hunger Games hair style … it’s Seneca Crane’s Beard on Wes Bentley’s gorgeous face!