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(Well Deserved) Lust of the Month

Okay, so normally these will probably be posted near the end of the month, but since it is March 2012 and I’m just TOO EXCITED to wait…

Lust of the Month is a character:

PEETA MELLARK (of The Hunger Games for those few humans who have yet to become obsessed)

I know, I know …two Hunger Games posts in a row but I really can’t help it – 21 days until the movie is out and I get to see my envisioned Peeta Mellark on-screen! I must brag a little – I have the prime IMAX seats claimed!

I commend the casting of Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson (see the normally brunette actor below).  A blonde Mr. Hutcherson is an extremely close match to what I was picturing (not everyone may agree – I get it, no need to go postal on me now).

It also helps that, from what I have read and heard through interviews, Hutcherson is very much in touch with the character. He has explained in almost every interview he has given, which I have come across,  that he felt Peeta was written for him and the similarities between Peeta’s outlook on life and his role in The Hunger Games, as well as his relationships with Katniss and others, are a near perfect match for how Hutcherson approaches things in his life.

“I mean, for me I had an immediate connection with Peeta. I felt like I was Peeta in so many ways, it kind of blew my mind a little bit. To the point when I actually walked into the room to audition, and [author] Suzanne Collins and [director] Gary Ross were there, I said to them — I’ve never said this before in any audition and I’ll never say it again because it sounds disgusting — but I am so much like Peeta! Reading it, I was almost like, ‘How did Suzanne Collins write a movie about my [kind of] person?’ It kind of blew my mind. …One of the biggest things was just his belief that, no matter what situation you’re in, you’ve got to be who you are as a person and be able to look in the mirror and be OK with that and not be a pawn in someone else’s game. And that could happen very easily, and I never have wanted to, and I never will let it.” – Josh Hutcherson [Interview with]

This creates even more excitement for me, knowing that the actor portraying an extremely loved character (by me and millions) will be putting on a truly genuine performance – almost ensuring that I won’t be disappointed.

In a way, I (almost) feel bad lusting after the 19-year old adorably handsome Josh Hutcherson, even though he isn’t much younger than I am, but I can’t help it and I’m sure millions of other ladies can’t help it either! Yes, I’m sure a good portion of the drivers for my lust come from the fact that he is my Peeta Mellark come-to-life, but every new interview I come across, my crush on the Hutch grows  🙂

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I guarantee this will not be my last Hunger Games related post – hello – obsessed here! Anyways, more beauty, movies,  fashion, books and randomness to come – till tomorrow universe.