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Nails: Matte Charcoal & Red Tips

I found myself experimenting again… and this is what came of it. My nails feel very Autumn/Fall now – with the deep matte charcoal that reminds me of wool and the rich burgundy red tips!

What’s on my nails:

  1. Essie “all in one base” multi-treatment base coat
  2. China Glaze “Stone Cold” (from The Hunger Games Collection)
  3. Butter London “Matte Finish” shine free topcoat
  4. Ulta “Plum Street” nail lacquer
  5. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat (on tips only)

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Hunger Games Madness: District 4 Nail Art

The Hunger Games week has arrived!!! I’m quite excited – in case it wasn’t obvious already.

I found myself in the mood for some more Hunger Games inspired nail art (slideshow below) and decided on District 4 (the Fishing District). I chose District 4 for two reasons: one – I am assigned to District 4 through (a place for us HG nerds) and two – My extreme love for the character Finnick Odair! If you are unsure of who that is – finish reading the books 🙂

So onto the nail art! Pardon the messiness, I hadn’t cleaned up my hands prior to taking the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This look is a bit more time consuming to create and does take quite a few products.

Products Used:

Base Coat: Essie “All in One Base”

Main Base Color: China Glaze for The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Collection “Hook and Line” (District 4)

Ulta “Blue For You”

Ulta “Envy”

Ulta “Jaded”

Sinful Colors “Nail Junkie”

China Glaze for The Hunger Games Capitol Colours “Luxe and Lush” (District 1)

Ulta “Capri Coral”

Sinful Colors Nail Art “Flower Girl”

Top Coat: Sally Hansen “Insta-Dri” Anti-Chip Top Coat

The Hunger Games comes out FRIDAY! 


Nails on Fire – The Hunger Games, China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection

Check me out! Okay, well not me, but here is my quick take on the Katniss Everdeen ‘pre-games interview style’ nail design.

Pardon the glitter and such left on my hands. Now I only did my thumb, as I thought doing every nail this intense, may be a bit much on a Tuesday – though I may do the remaining nails next week or so prior to seeing the movie! I used 5 different nail polishes, 3 of which were part of the China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection for The Hunger Games.

Products Used:

Base coat: Essie “All in One Base” coat

Base Color: China Glaze Capitol Colours “Stone Cold” (swatch below – it’s a MATTE polish which gave the flames a great background!)

Deep Blue/Black Flames: China Glaze Capitol Colours “Smoke and Ashes” (swatch below)

Orange Flames: Sinful Colors Nail Art in “Sunset”

Gold Flames: Sinful Colors Nail Art in “Flower Girl”

Glitter Accents: China Glaze Capitol Colours “Electrify” (swatch below)

Look what I got in the mail today:

So I ended up buying 8 of the 12 colors available in the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection for The Hunger Games. I purchased all of mine from Sally Beauty Supply, 2 in store and 6 online.  All polished were 5.99 (a bit cheaper than quite a few other stores who have clearly marked up the price – I saw 1 store selling them for 8.99 each!) , plus I had good coupons. It only took 2 days for me to receive the online purchased polishes, as they were shipped within Texas.

See the swatches below, as well as the full collection here:

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Luxe and Lush District 1 

Swatch would not show up well, it is clear with silver-blue-violet flakes of glitter (glitter consistency looks a bit like gold/silver leaf)

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Stone Cold District 2

MATTE polish

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Hook and Line District 4

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Electrify District 5

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Fast Track District 6

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Foie Gras District 10

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Agro District 11

China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Smoke and Ashes District 12

10 days to THE HUNGER GAMES!!!


My Unofficial Nail Polish of The Hunger Games District 12

So of course every product is trying to cash in on The Hunger Games and by now I’m sure most people have seen the China Glaze Capitol Colours Nail Polish Collection for The Hunger Games.  Since I am such a fan (and a beauty nerd), I have of course given in to the temptation of getting my hands on some HG merchandise – including some of the China Glaze colors from the collection.

Luxe and Lush (District 1) | Stone Cold (District 2) | Riveting (District 3) | Hook and Line (District 4)
Electrify (District 5) |  Fast Track (District 6) | Mahogany Magic (District 7) | Dress Me Up (District 8)
Harvest Moon (District 9) | Foie Gras (District 10) | Agro (District 11) | Smoke and Ashes (District 12)

Now the only issue here is that China Glaze is not carried by many stores (due to stores having contracts with other companies), therefore getting your hands on the infamous Capitol Colours collection may pose a few problems.

So, while I was able to get my hands on a couple of the colors I wanted from the collection in store, most of the colors were sold out. I turned to online shopping for the remaining polishes that I wanted. I’ll be able to provide some real life swatches, as well as possible Hunger Games nail art pending my schedule, when I get those in the mail.

In the meantime, I have decided on my unofficial nail polish of Mining District 12 (home to Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen). See Essie’s “Power Clutch” – a charcoal gray with a hint of forest green.

Sorry for my terribly awful painted nails – I’m always in a hurry (and tough on my nails) and these are like a week+ old at this point.

Essie Power Clutch without flash

Essie Power Clutch with flash

The hunter/ forest green in the polish shows up much more in person than in the photos. See the official photo from here:

My choice for The Hunger Games District 12 Unofficial Nail Polish is a bit ironic, considering it was part of Essie’s “Brand New Bag” Fall 2011 Collection. It’s name certainly belongs in the capitol or at least District 1, but it’s color is District 12 all the way.

It reminds me of coal dust muddling the colors of the forest and would certainly fit it with the District 12 visual I have in my head -if anyone in District 12 could even have the luxury that is nail polish.

12 days to The Hunger Games!!!