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BIRCHBOX: November 2012

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Yay Birchbox! I wasn’t surprised that the theme of the November box was “Give”, considering the month of November is nearly consumed by all things Thanksgiving related, but I am happy to say that I loved pretty much everything I received – a rare thing!

This month’s theme is Give and we’ve filled your Birchboxes with products from brands that give back and essentials that we are thankful for—plus a nifty way for you to pass along a treat to someone special.

NOVEMBER: Overall A-.

ArtsyArchitette November Birchbox 2012

ArtsyArchitette November Birchbox 2012 1


J.R. Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve in Lavender – .25 oz Sample Tin

Definitely love this stuff, but who doesn’t love a nice hand salve? It is a smooth balm made with natural oils and plant extracts, and a little goes a long way. Put too much and you end up with a greasy handshake, but applied sparingly to dry areas and cuticles – works great! Perfect for this time of year with the cool weather and dry air; and right before bed.

I received the lavender scent and normally I’m a bit put off by lavender, tends to overwhelm me and occasionally induce a headache, but the salve  fragrance is light enough to not be a bother – unless of course you are sniffing it directly from the tin or the area you applied it to.

Also comes in Aloe & Green Tea (why didn’t I get that one?!) and Lemon.

Full Size Value: $8.99 (2.1 oz)

Chuao Chocolatier “Honeycomb” ChocoPod

Chocolate! Need I really say more? Okay, well it was gooooood, nom nom nom! Being a honey lover, the “Honeycomb” ChocoPod was meant for me 🙂 with amber honey caramelized into crispy pieces in dark chocolate.

Some Birchbox users get so (unnecessarily) pissed when they receive food type lifestyle extras in the box, why I don’t know – I love it!

I wish they had given me two! I may actually decide to purchase these chocolates very soon – unless someone buys them for me *hint hint*.

When purchased you receive 7 ChocoPods in different flavors: Potato Chip (kettle chips and sea salt in milk chocolate), Sweet and Salty (milk chocolate with a hint of salt), Maple Bacon (crisp bacon with a dose of maple sweetness and smoked sea salt in milk chocolate), Honeycomb (amber honey caramelized into crispy pieces in dark chocolate), Salted Chocolate Crunch (toasted breadcrumbs with sea salt in dark chocolate), Spicy Maya (a spicy blend of pasilla chile, cinnamon, and cayenne in dark chocolate), and Firecracker (chipotle caramel fudge dotted with popping candy and salt in dark chocolate).

Unique flavors and perfectly portioned “ChocoPods” – great branding there!

Full Size Value: $7.95 (7 pack)

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper – 1 oz Sample 


It is a very liquid silicone-free gel treatment/styling product that can be used alone or before your other products. For me, it tames the frizz somewhat, helps define my curls, but most importantly doesn’t leave my hair greasy, crunchy or stiff; and NO residue at all!

I still add a little mousse, but not as much as I would without using this product first. What I really like it for are the days I am just at home, my hair is tamed a bit, but still soft and prepared in case I need to do something with it.

It also has a water-based reactivating formula that is good for everyday use and in between washing, and you can reactivate the product with just a little water. Though I haven’t tested that last claim yet.

Oh and it smells oh so nice, but I can’t really pinpoint the scent, best guess a light black current/jasmine tea type scent.

Full Size Value: $46 (33.8 oz), $17.50 (8 oz), $9.99 (3.38 oz)

ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss in “Showgirl Red” – Full Size

So I have never heard of ModelCo, an Australia-based brand, but the gloss quality has convinced me enough to checkout what else the brand has to offer.

The gloss is very sheer (swatch below), with slight shimmer and is non-sticky. After quite some time of wearing it, the gloss only gets very slightly tacky, but overall great for long wear and product layering.

The packaging includes a handy mirror on the lip gloss tube. It smells like a strawberry lollipop and is taste-free/has no flavor.

Full Size Value: $16.00 (4 ml)

Sumita (Ziba Beauty) Color Contrast Eyeliner in “Suman (Black)” – Full Size

Seriously one of the best eyeliners ever!! A true saturated black pencil liner (swatch below).

It applies smooth and doesn’t drag on the skin, no smudging, no smearing and lasts all night long!! Once applied you have a small window of time for blending, but then it sets and doesn’t budge.

I actually used this liner for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in about 2 weeks ago, and I meant to share my make-up look, but completely forgot to take up close photos – beauty blogger fail :/

Anyways, definitely recommend if you are looking for a long wear black pencil liner.

Full Size Value: $11.00

ArtsyArchitette November Birchbox 2012 Swatches


CHROMATICgallerie $15 Off Coupon

Ehhh… nice concept (select your heel height, color, material and width), but they only offer round toe pumps and that’s it! For $88 a pair and I can’t try them on – probably not going to be using this coupon.

If interested in CHROMATICgallerie feel free to use this coupon code and pass it along: BIRCHFRIEND15

Gift Guide

Handy little holiday gift guide if you are stuck on what to get people.

Reusable Gift Envelope

Empty it, Refill it, Gift it! Such a cute idea.

…and that’s all for this month!


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