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Long Overdue – July/August 2012 MyGlam Bags

As in my my overdue Birchbox post, again, sorry for this being soooo late. I’ll keep this one as short as possible, considering it will be a quick review of the last two MyGlam months 🙂

July was a really good one… 

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion (Deluxe 1.0 fl oz. Sample)

I use this product already – so I loved getting this one. Great to have a small bottle on hand for travel or just your bag. I use this when I am going to be at home mainly, in the evening or just not really going out (since it does not contain SPF).

This moisturizer really feels like you are applying a barrier layer – locking the moisture in and everything else out. It is non-greasy, with a natural somewhat medicinal/botanical scent, and has a cooling affect on the skin. It works well under some make-up, but not all.

It is oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free and colorant-free; and helps keep oil in check.

Full Size: $26.00 (4.2 fl. oz.)

NuMe HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner (Deluxe .7 oz. Sample)

I hate having to judge conditioners I only get to use once or twice, but this one was clearly a very nice conditioner. I definitely felt the effect of its “hydro punch” ingredients (Argan oil, strengthening bamboo and conditioning sage) after I used it. I would definitely consider purchasing this conditioner, though considering how much conditioner I go through, it may get a bit pricey.

Caution: It is quite heavy on the fragrance/ perfume – but the scent is pleasant.

Full Size: $24.99 (8.45 oz.)

Yes To Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelettes (Travel Pack – 10 Towelettes)

LOVE THESE!! I use them already – so I was excited to get them! I always carry a Travel Pack with me and have the full 30 count pack on my bedside table.

Read more on them in my Brands I love: Yes To post here.

Travel Pack: $2.99 (10 count).

Full Size: $5.99 (30 count).

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain in “Quickstep” (FULL SIZE)

Quickstep is a rich plum – which comes off a bit warmer in tone when I apply it – considering my yellow undertones. It is a nice, but pretty standard, lip/cheek stain pen. It has good staying power once set, fragrance, cruelty and paraben free, and vegan friendly.

Though it is a good stain pen/marker, there are others just as good for less.

Full Size: $19.00.

Circus by Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish in “Reverso” (FULL SIZE)

White nail color. Vegan and cruelty free. Bold and quite pigmented, dries semi-matte and sets fairly fast. Good polish overall.

Brand “Circus” was created by Andrea’s Choice – one of the “YouTube Beauty Gurus” behind MyGlam.

Full Size: Price Unknown – not available for purchase until this fall.


and onto August… which was okay. 

Demeter Roll On Perfume Oil in “Dragon Fruit” (FULL SIZE)

Nice, but as expected, very fruity and a hint of floral. An oil, so very little is needed. Made with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E,  so it is skin softening and non-drying.

Full Size: $10.00 (.29 fl oz).

S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics Glama-ZOID! Eyeshadow (.035 oz. Sample)

Packing and branding seems a little cheap, but product is okay. Simple enough – extremely fine milled mineral shadow. Color is an iridescent violet pink.

Could be used as an extremely subtle highlight, but overall staying power seems to be lacking!

Full Size: $14.97 (Large 2.5 grams).

Full Size: $4.50 (Small 1.25 grams).

Sample: $3.97.

Eclos Cellular Activator Facial Serum (Deluxe .5 fl oz. Sample)

Unsure about this one… I tried it but, ehhh – undecided. It applies well. It is a very thin, non-greasy, serum that absorbs very quickly. The real thing the irks me is the scent – a strange semi-natural lemony funk.

This lightweight serum helps wake up skin’s self renewal process to revitalize fatigued, stressed skin. Unique plant extracts help boost firmness and tone to smooth out fine lines and damage. Exclusively formulated with rejuvenating Apple Stem Cells, clinically proven to significantly reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture in two weeks. Comfrey, Gotu Kola, Tumeric and Green Tea antioxidants shield against skin aging environment assaults, helping to prolong a youthful appearance.

If you haven’t figured out yet, I get put off by things with unpleasant scents – no matter how great the product may claim to be.

Full Size: $24.99 (1.7 fl oz.)

Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream (.25 fl oz. Sample)

Same sentiments as the serum – undecided. Has the same semi-natural lemony funk going on that just puts me off.

This medium-weight moisturizer with restorative benefits helps smooth and brighten for a youthful finish. Hydration replenishes dry, dulling skin suffering from the signs of aging. Powerful extracts and antioxidants boost collagen levels for noticeable tightening and firming. Exclusively formulated with rejuvenating Apple Stem Cells, clinically proven to significantly reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture in two weeks.

Full Size: $24.99 (2 oz.)

Circus by Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish in “Ringmaster” (FULL SIZE)

Same sentiments as the Reverso white polish. Neon pink nail color. Vegan and cruelty free. Bold and quite pigmented, dries semi-matte and sets fairly fast. Good polish overall.

Brand “Circus” was created by Andrea’s Choice – one of the “YouTube Beauty Gurus” behind MyGlam.

Full Size: Price Unknown – not available for purchase until this fall.

MyGlam BONUS: MyGlam Glam Gloss (Full Size )

Pardon the photo quality. Bright, fuscia pink gloss that is quite pigmented. Only slightly sticky, but overall quite smooth. Does get tacky after a bit of time on the lips. Smells of strawberries and bubblegum – so I’ll be holding onto it.

Not available for purchase.


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Long Overdue – July/August 2012 Birchboxes

Sorry! Since I was having to deal with other life issues, I am now getting around to posting my Birchbox reviews for July and August. I will try to keep my judgments as concise as possible, as I am combining the past two boxes in one post 🙂

Also, I will post my MyGlam bag reviews for the July and August bags, also in a single post, probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

First up, July!! Overall – it was alright, but considering it was a Birchbox + GLAMOUR (yeah – as in Glamour Magazine) collaboration, I was expecting it to be amaZING! 

So what was in the July Birchbox?!?! 

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask (Deluxe .9 fl oz. Sample) 

It was one of those masks that you only apply for 2 minutes. A typical clay/mud mask, with a natural beach/ocean sand scent. It suggests that you apply the mask generously, which makes me doubt how long the product would last, considering I had to use quite a bit of my sample (and I always run the mask onto my neck as well).

Caution: If you have any cuts, bites, acne spots – this will sting just a little.

The mask uses Kaolin white clay and Dead Sea mud, as well as jojoba oil. It was decent, non-drying, but no miracle mask.

Full Size: $31.00 (4.3 fl oz).

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds

Meh… blue and pink, and they seem very cheap. They work fine, but the rubber ear buds have a texture that prevents them from creating that suction/friction to keep them in your ears properly.

Retail Value: $10.00.

Laura Geller Double Dipped Lipstick in Caribbean Kiss (FULL SIZE)

Smooth application, dual sided with two shades – one a cool rose pink and the other a warm golden blush. Creamy and non-drying, with standard lipstick scent. The shades are very “frost” heavy.

While I typically like Laura Geller products, and the lipstick product itself is quite nice, the shades are something I would almost never wear personally. They seem very “mom” – as in the shades of lipsticks that moms have been wearing for the past decade without deviating. Simply put,  Caribbean Kiss is meant for an older generation.

The real thing that irks me is the heavy frost look, which can look dated and draw attention to any dry areas or lip lines – make sure you exfoliate prior to applying.

Full Size: $17.50.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics sheer glo shimmer lotion (.01 fl oz. Sample)

Nice, standard liquid shimmer lotion, not runny or too thick. Dries quickly. Light champagne shade, great for highlighting and mixing into foundation for an all over glow. Buildable product.

May be a bit too light for tan and deep skin tones, though does comes in two shades.

Personally, I will not be buying this product, as I already have my go to shimmer/highlighting products.

Full Size: $29.00 (1 fl oz).

Oscar de la Renta “live in love” (Standard Fragrance Sample) 

Classic floral scent, with a bit a warmth. Nice, not overwhelming and could be worn by anyone 25 and over during the Autumn/Fall and Winter. A non-offensive scent you could easily smell walking into the cosmetics/fragrance/shoe level of a Macy’s or Dillard’s type department store.

Full Size: $78.00 (50 ml).

Now onto August… which was a good box, but personally, some of the products just were not to my liking.

So what was in the August Birchbox?!?! 

Miss Jessie’s® Original Crème de la Crème Conditioner (Single Use Sample Package)

Now I hate having to judge a product like a conditioner when I could only test it once, but after that single use, I can say that this is a nice conditioner, but did not seem to amaze me after that single use. It is a lightweight conditioner and rinsed out cleanly, without any residue, so points there.

Apparently, this can double as a leave-in treatment as well, but I won’t be able to test that claim out properly.

It also states that it is supposed to help with detangling, according to its formula, but it did not help much more than an average conditioner in that department. My hair was definitely in need of a detangling aid when I used this, which was part of the reason I chose to use it, considering its magic detangling formula.

It seems like a decent conditioner and maybe with a larger sample I could have judged it properly on its claims, but for now, its not making it onto my favorites list anytime soon.

OH! I almost forgot, but a big reason I was turned off when I was using this conditioner was that fact that it smelled just like a shampoo I use to wash my dog! Now, the dog shampoo smells nice, for a dog shampoo, but still – I don’t want that reminder all day long and that thought of someone recognizing that dog shampoo smell 🙂

Full Size: $16.00 (12 oz).

Miss Jessie’s® Original Curly Meringue (Deluxe 2 oz. Sample)

A super thick curl cream! Luckily, I do have quite curly and very long hair – so I was excited to try this out – as I’m always looking for a great curl product.

Alas, this product was not my holy grail of curl creams, but it wasn’t all bad. As I said, it is very thick, which is both good and bad.

Good – a little goes a long way – so I have enough in my sample tub to test it out a couple times.

Bad – it is not the easiest product to work into your hair because of the thick consistency.

Applying when your hair is quite damp is a must! Then let air dry. Once it is worked into the hair well and dried naturally, it gives a nice, natural, frizz free and soft curl.

I could deal with the thick consistency, no problem, but unfortunately the scent nearly killed me! It is described as a fresh pineapple scent – but it was overwhelming me while I was applying the product to my hair.

It was less fresh pineapple and more artificial pineapple soda smell. I love pineapple, but this “fresh pineapple” scent of the product nearly gave me a headache.

Again with the scents Miss Jessie!! Dog Shampoo + Pineapple Soda = $@&!

Full Size: $22.00 (8 oz).

TALIKA Lipocils Expert (Deluxe .07 fl oz. Sample with Doe Foot Applicator)

A botanical based lash serum to condition, grow, darken and curl your lashes! So far, so good with this one. To be honest I had forgot about this one, so I have no been using it very long – but I like it so far 🙂

It is a French brand, which has been around for over 6 decades, and many people rave about the French skincare and make-up companies. The full size version comes with a mascara wand and doe foot applicator in one, but the sample on has the doe foot applicator – which works just fine.

It has not irritated my eyes or lashes, and may be good – considering its botanical formula – for those who are looking for a lash serum and are prone to sensitivities.

I’m am loving it as my pre-mascara primer. It coats my lashes nicely, leaving them soft (and conditioned) but separated (even without the mascara applicator).  I don’t need any help in the curl department, as my lashes curl naturally, and since I have not been using it too long, I cannot comment on whether it makes them darker or longer – but we’ll see!

Full Size: $55.00 (10 ml).

Juicy Couture “Viva la Juicy La Fleur” (Standard Fragrance Sample)

Fruity then floral! It’s a scent that you could describe as a pretty scent, and not too heavy. The scent could be used in all seasons, but of course Spring would be the most obvious.

Full Size: $70.00 (2.5 oz)

Sabon® Foot Cream (Deluxe 1.05 fl oz. Sample)

Loving this stuff! Non-greasy, with natural ingredients and the scent of camphor and a bit of menthol – plus aromatherapy oils.

It’s from Israeli brand Sabon and states it is packed with antioxidants – yay antioxidants and smooth feet!

As always, the best time to apply foot cream is after your shower – before bedtime 🙂

I would say try this product if you want/can, especially those of you who like natural ingredients and natural scents.

Full Size: $16.00 (5.27 oz).

Schick Hydro Silk Razor – Birchbox BONUS – Full Size + Coupon

My only real requirement for a razor is that is must have at least 4 blades and a flex head, after that, I’m not too picky. This one has five blades, and flex head and a gooey serum that splurges out of the razor cartridge once wet! Yes, I said gooey serum and splurges!

Its a good razor, with a moisturizing serum – that gets slick!! Seriously. Be careful, especially if using a shave gel/conditioner.

The five blades get you a close shave, so that is great, and they provided a good coupon for cartridge refills – so I may buy them.

Caution: The serum really does turn to a very slick goo, so make sure you have firm footing and a firm grasp on the razor. I could certainly see someones leg slipping or their hand or both and OUCH!

…till next time xoxo