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D.I.Y. Hanging Bra Organizer :)


Update: Thank you so much for all the great praise and feedback on my DIY Bra Organizer! I really appreciate it, truly. I’ve heard from so many new followers through this post and am so happy so many of you have found it useful. Whether you found it through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Stumble Upon, or another website or blog, please credit and link back where appropriate. Thank you!!

I am BACK!!! Yupp… it has been a while – a long while it seems – I missed blogging, but I had real life issues to sort out and just could not find the time to dedicate to the blogosphere.

Anyways, I am back with a quick (and cheap) D.I.Y. for keeping those bras you love organized and in shape – after all, you spent the money on them – and most bras do not come cheap – so you want them to last as long as possible!

When it comes to bras with molded cups, there are a few rules for properly caring for and storing them to ensure they last a good while. 

  1. NEVER throw your bras, molded cups or not, in the washer – always hand-wash them with care.  (Exception to this rule: No-wire, non-molded sports/yoga bras)
  2. NEVER fold your molded bras in half, forcing you to invert one of the cups into the other – this will alter/ruin the shape of the cups – sometimes causing permanent “dents” in the tip of one cup! Squished nipple alert! Have you ever seen a woman walking around and something looks just a little off in the tit area – well yeah, maybe she stores her bras incorrectly – eeek! (You can fold your non-molded bras in half with no worries)
  3. AVOID throwing your molded cup bras into that chaotic panty drawer – same dangers for those cups as rule 2.
  4. HANG bras or ORGANIZE them in a drawer properly – and when I say properly, I mean the way you see them in the lingerie stores drawers – like Victoria’s Secret – never folded in half or in a messy pile. You can also purchase bra drawer organizers, which included actual dividers.

Personally, I prefer to hang my bras – and recently, I had been looking at an easy way I can hang them all together, without having to buy something specifically for that purpose, so here is what I came up with – and I love it – it really is the perfect solution for me, so maybe it will work out for you too!

What you will need:

Wooden hangers – class it up a bit – I got 2 packs of 5 wooden hangers ($4 each) – make sure the shirt hangers you choose have grooves for straps.

Screw Eyes or Hooks – I opted for hooks ($2 total) , since they were out of screw eyes that were long enough (you want at least a 2 inch drop length).

Optional: Pliers – to close the screw hooks – essentially making screw eyes.

and of course BRAS!


Grab your screw eye/hook and a hanger.


Screw the eye/hook into the center/joint of the wooden hanger – it will take very little effort!


Using the pliers, close the screw hook – creating a screw eye.

Do the previous steps for each of the hangers, with the exception of the last one.

STEP 4: 

Hook each hanger onto another and add your bras! TA DA!

Now, I am not shy about having my bras out – they are pretty – so I have mine hung on the back of  my door – plus they are now organized to perfection!

You can also double up on each hanger (bras can be placed back to back like this > d|b < bra – hanger – bra), if you are hanging yours in your closet or open space.

I now have an easy bra organizer – for up to 20 bras! All for $10 🙂


Author: ArtsyArchitette

Artist. Architecture lover! Beauty Nerd. Blogger. Crafty Aficionado. Music Enthusiast. Fashion Fiend. And yes I am like no other, deal with it world ♥ Obsession has such a negative connotation, but it’s true, I am obsessed with creativity and all products that help me create. Beauty products are not excluded from my obsession and while my blog has no distinct topic, all things gorgeous and fashionable will probably be a main focus. Here to share my ever-expanding knowledge, interesting finds and random factoids. P.S. I miss my studio

96 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Hanging Bra Organizer :)

  1. I definitely need to do this!! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

  2. Great buy on the wooden hangers! (Fabulous diy idea!) Where’d you find the hangers for that price?

  3. I like the idea…allows additional drawer space! Heading to WalMart for hangers and screws!

  4. Can I just ask… what brand is the black/tan bra on top?! I have been looking for a similar style (that comes in a size larger than 36C).

  5. This is awesome, you are so talented. Thank you for sharing!

  6. WOW you found something bigger than a C cup at Victoria’s Secret???? The last time I was in there they didn’t sell anything above a 36C..

    BTW…… absolutely love this idea!!!! Gonna get right on that when I get some more $

  7. I love your idea. I also love Victoria’s Secret bras but they are so high maintenance that I stopped buying them. How do you wash them and keep them like they are still brand new?

    • Hi and thank you!!
      I hand wash them all with delicate detergent, never in a washer, or dryer. I remold them, if necessary, to their proper shape and either lay them face up on a mesh drying rack or hang them from the drying rack bars or hangers – allowing them to air dry.
      Hope that helps and thank you for stopping by!
      Sam 🙂

  8. This is bloody BRILLIANT!!! I am a 44DDD and it is hard to find enough storage for my bras. This is definitely going to be my next project…

  9. Awesome idea! Perfect solution to having limited space for all of the bras I have! haha How do you have the top hanger hanging on your door?

    • Thank you, Ashley!
      I have the top hanger hooked on another screw hook drilled into my door. Just make sure you have one that is sturdy enough so that it won’t pull away/out from the door as you add the weight to it.
      Happy Organizing.
      Sam 🙂

  10. cool! even my 40D looks sexy

  11. Thanks for sharing! Better than fighting with the store hangers!

  12. Awesome idea!

  13. This totally rocks.

  14. First of all this is a phenomenal idea and creatively put together. However, I work at VS and as a tip, we recommend to never hang bras to dry or for extended periods of time. It will begin to stretch the fabric, thus wasting your money. So if you keep them hanging a day or two you’ll be okay but I would shy against any longer! 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and the compliment on my idea. Personally, in the full year that I have been storing my bras using my DIY idea, I have not experienced any adverse or negative effects on my bras/ bra straps. As for post-hand-washing, I always lay my bras flat for drying.
      Being a busty girl myself, my bras take up quite a lot of space, something I don’t have the luxury of, and this really is the best way I have found to store them, but thanks for the tip.

  15. Was such a cute idea, I sent my bf the link and he made it for me the same day. Thanks!

  16. Hi, I was just wondering how you hung the first one. It took me a minute to figure out that the bottom hooks were to hang another bra underneath, but now that I know, I was just curious how you chose to hang the first hanger onto the door. Thanks! 🙂

    PS. I pinned this at Pinterest.

    • Hi!
      I have the top hanger hooked on another screw hook drilled into my door. Just make sure you have one that is sturdy enough so that it won’t pull away/out from the door as you add the bras and additional hangers.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I was just now going online for mor linen & plastic shoe organizers to put my bras, underwear & bandeau tops.

    I have a ton of these hangers I found on craiglist. I will also use these to hang my bathing suits.

    Now onto the shoes…..


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  19. Hi, I’ve been hanging my bras on my closet door for years but I really like the way you hang them. Pure genius.

  20. THIS IS THE COOLEST IDEA EVER!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for your sharing!

  21. Great tutorial! I just made mine and it came together so easily. Body by Victoria is my favorite style of bra too!

  22. Easy way too , like it, i did for wife was bought those hanger with holes in em , hang another 10 hangers on hanger

  23. Do you work for VS…. It feels like you do

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  25. This is pure genius! How you came up with this I don’t know but it is brilliant 🙂 I’ve already done this with most of my bra’s but I have hit a wall, what about my strapless bra’s that don’t have holes for straps? I thought of maybe buying the hangers like this with the clips but do you think it may ruin the shape or leave those ghastly indents?

    • Hi Corrie!
      Thank you, I’m happy you’ve found it useful.
      As for the strapless bras with no strap option, I would opt for the skirt hangers with the clips, but make sure they have rubber padding on the inside of the metal clip to avoid any damage or indentations. I have some of these skirt hangers from IKEA and they work great, plus they color match the regular hangers I used.

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  27. Truly genious!!! I just reorganized my closet and drawers and hated taking up an entire drawer for my bras. I already have the hangars and getting the hardware tonight. Thanks a million!

  28. wow, that’s very convenient, i think i found my project for the weekend.
    tq so much!!

  29. Hi…just found this on Pinterest (where else? 😉 and just wanted to say BRILLIANT…maybe you can hear me singing BRILLIANT! Really a super idea…thanks for sharing with everyone!

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  31. One word – GENIUS!!!!!
    Can’t wait to do this when I move next month (and have unpacked everything!)

  32. This is GENIUS! Thanks for the idea, ArtsyArchitette! =D

  33. Do you know how many drawers I now have emptey? 🙂 Awesome idea, thanks!

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  35. Quick Question – What fabric do you have around the hangers at the top to hide the screws?

  36. Do you have some sort of fabric covering the middle hooks?

  37. You are a GENIUS! I have done the “drawer thing” forever…and have always walked around with those funny looking bras poking through my shirts. 😦 Hubby came home a few days ago with 8 new bras for me, of all different shapes and materials. I found your post at the perfect time. Thanks for being so creative and for sharing it with us all!

  38. Brilliant! This is absolutely a fantastic idea – thanks so much for posting this.

  39. Love, Love, Love this idea!!! So tired of hanging on the closet door knob! And once you start moving up in cup size, the drawer is no longer feasible! Thanks again!

  40. Such a great idea!!! Painfully simple, yet super practical and cute!!! Thanks for the inspiration. My bras thank you 😀

  41. Great idea!! Can’t wait to try the diy bra organizer.

  42. Have you used this idea to just hang them in a closet? How many can you put together before it gets unwieldy? My closet doors slide (not open) and the back of my bedroom door holds our robes, so my bras would have to hang out on the bar with the rest of my clothes…

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  48. Reblogged this on yagyrlr and commented:
    I likey

  49. i bet you could add some clips of some sort for the matching panties! I have to match! 🙂

  50. What a great idea, keep posting please 🙂

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  58. Great idea! I wasn’t feeling the whole going out and buying things though so I looked through my closet and some of the store-bought hangers actually have little hooks to attach another hanger to. So, I was able to do this with hangers I had in my closet, no work necessary!

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  60. I just did this earlier today, it was super inexpensive. I got a bundle of 10 hangers for $10 at Homesense and purchased a 12 pack of the loophole screws for about $2. Only thing that bothers me sometimes is the noise from the hangers hitting the closet door when I open it. I put this set up on the closet door that I don’t open often (I have a double door closet). Other than that it fits my needs. Great idea, thanks!

  61. This is a really cute idea, but not for larger cup sizes 😦 Anyone size H or larger I wouldn’t recommend because the cups don’t lay like they do in the picture unfortunately.

    • Sorry this didnt work for you. The only thing i could recommend would be for anyone with quite large full cup bras is to shorten the straps enough to have them lay better, but that might be a pain to adjust them every time you wanted to wear one.

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  66. Hi! I iive in an apartment and can’t drill holes into my doors. I got one of those command hooks that can hold up to 16lbs and put that at the top of my door and then hung the organizer on the hook. Works great, and when I move I can just take down the hook and take it with me.

  67. Hi Sam! I am wondering if I can use wooden hangers that have the bottom part on it, or should I just buy hangers without the bottom part that goes across? Thank you! I was gonna buy these with 20% off coupon

    • Hi Natalie, I dont see an issue with the suit hangers, so long as they have the grooves cut for straps and the bar doesnt interfere with the next hanger down. Yay for coupons! Happy crafting.

  68. I am in love with this idea

  69. I was told by a VS employee that bra’s should Never be hung…. it stretches the straps!

    • Thank you for your comment. I have heard this once before, and I thought this comment odd the first time as well, since VS hangs bras in store (in addition to their drawer system).

      Personally I have had this on my door for 3 YEARS now – yupp years – and none of my bras have experienced strap stretching. I take care of mine very well, so I still have many of the ones seen in the original photo above, and they’re still in great condition.

      Simply put, I have too many bras (and they’re not tiny) to store them in a drawer, which is why I needed to come up with this amazing solution that has been great for me.

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