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What’s in the bag: MyGlam June 2012


June has turned out to be a good month for my beauty subscriptions… first a good June Birchbox and now, the MyGlam June bag.

Again, wasn’t amazingly great (for me) but at least it wasn’t a step backwards 😀

The theme was “Out All Night”, with the products focusing on those that would hold up for quite a few hours without disappointing.

So onto the products…

Swatch of the shade I received below:

“629 Power” – Full Size!

NYX Round Lipstick

  • LOVE these lipsticks! Some of my absolute favorites – and there are over 100 shades to choose from.
  • Emollient rich and mineral-based lipsticks = non-drying and pigment rich!
  • What they say: Top your look off with trendy shades of NYX’s Round Lipsticks that are made to last all night long. NYX’s Round Lipsticks are formulated with conditioning agents and provide a beautiful velvety texture. The saturated color resists wear and smudging making your lips kissable from dusk till dawn. From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, this lipstick is available in countless shades. So put it on, enjoy the night and keep in mind, your lipstick isn’t going anywhere! 
  • My only issue would be the shade I received (Power) – it borders on Nicki Minaj type bright blue-based pink. Not a shade I would have selected myself, but it may come in handy someday (if I layer it with another product).
  • Value: $4 USD

philosophy take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer

  • It’s a cooling, very lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer. A perfect one for warmer months!
  • Not a fan of the smell, a bit of a synthetic “cream” scent; and NO SPF :/
  • What they say: After being out all night, send your skin to detox with take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. This lightweight fresh-feeling moisturizer acts like a breath of fresh air to revitalize skin. It helps diffuse energizing oxygen to the skin as needed to detoxify skin and restore a healthy-looking glow, while a blend of antioxidants helps protect skin against environmental attack and pre-mature aging. Take a deep breath provides oil-free hydration to leave skin feeling smooth and comfortable. Skin goes from dull and lackluster to fresh, revitalized and positively glowing. 
  • FYI: It says a “healthy looking glow” – what they actually mean is that it has micro-shimmer particles in it!
  • Full Size Value: $34 USD

Living proof. frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

  • Have yet to try this one out – but will be doing so very soon!
  • I have very long – curly hair, so if I love it – I will let y’all know 🙂
  • Smells wonderful.
  • What they say: Keeping hair frizz free all night is the ultimate challenge. For soft, nourished and frizz-free hair, frizz Nourishing Styling Cream eliminates frizz by blocking humidity. It weightlessly smoothes, conditions and tames frizzy, unmanageable hair. frizz is powered by Living Proof’s miracle molecule, OFPMA. It does what silicone and oils can’t: block humidity without weighing hair down, even on the most humid days. OFPMA create an exquisitely thin, weightless shield around each hair strand that is 70% more effective at blocking humidity than silicone. The same technology strengthens your frizz defense with each use and repels dirt and oil, so hair stays cleaner, longer. Welcome to the 1st day of your frizz free life.
  • Full size value: $12 to $36 USD

“Black Eyeliner 30” – Full Size!

Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen

  • Okay – first off – not permanent! I hate it when companies do that – just be honest in your labeling, please!
  • Glides on very smoothly, much like a felt tip writing pen.
  • As for the pen, standard felt nib, which you can actually pull out! Yes, you can pull out the nib and turn it around, giving you access to a “new” nib/tip after you have beat up the first side (after on-going use).
  • Green-based black  eyeliner, which they say is waterproof – it is not. A little water/moisture and any slight contact will make it smudge. So I would say anyone with greasy lids, or hooded lids, caution when using this pen.
  • Also, applies smoothly, but has a tendency to bleed a little – so beware if you have fine lines around your eyes.
  • Once set, it doesn’t budge, unless (as mentioned above) any moisture gets at it.
  • It will leave behind a faded greenish imprint, so you will need a make-up remover and/or good face wash to get it off.
  • What they say: This semi-permanent eyeliner truly lasts all night long. This pen offers long-lasting color and glides on with the ease of the pencil and the intensity of a liquid liner. It is made with all organic ingredients and conditions skin while staying on for those long nights. The eyeliner is easily removed with makeup cleanser, just rub eye gently with cleanser until the line is gone. Dermatologist-tested, this pen is 100% water based and oil- and alcohol-free.ingredients and conditions skin while staying on for those long nights. 
  • Full Size Value: $19 USD

So overall, I’m happy with this month and I think the products went well with the “Out All Night” theme.


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2 thoughts on “What’s in the bag: MyGlam June 2012

  1. seems pretty cool, esp the liquid eyeliner pen!!

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