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What’s in the bag: MyGlam May 2012 Bag

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Yay! The May MyGlam bag didn’t totally suck! Grrr… okay, pardon the mood – today’s been a stressful, crap-filled, drama-ridden Monday.

But, seriously, the May MyGlam bag has some decent goodies… so without further ado, let’s check out the goods:

MyGlam Concealer and Fine Liner Brush Set

  • Another two brushes to add to the MyGlam Brush Collection – they are decent brushes, which I’m sure I will utilize at some time. Previously, they have included an Eyeshadow, an Angled Eyeliner, and a Crease brush; along with a pink MyGlam brush case. 

Studio Gear Lipstick (Shade I received show below)

Studio Gear Lipstick in “Misty Mauve” (Full Size)

  • Creamy, non-drying, semi-matte and smells like that standard lipstick scent, but not terribly bad. The shade I received is a cool toned blue-mauve shade, something I wouldn’t wear during this time of year. This color can also have that cool-toned “dead” appearance, so beware if you are not fond of those shades or if they clash with your skin tone – fortunately, I’m okay with the “dead look” and can make it work for me.

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Perfume (Standard Sample Vial)

  • Fruity and floral, a little sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. Overall, it’s that kind of happy, girly, fun scent for Spring/Summer.

Nail Bling (Full Size Package)

  • With a theme like “Love is in the air”, it is only natural that the MyGlam team included these very girly-girl-friendly nail decals. They have the appearance of micro-rhinestones and you apply them as you would regular nail strips.  I tend to shy away from the pink range of accessories, though I’m sure I’ll find a creative way to utilize these – perhaps as an accent nail to an all black manicure.

And there you have it, not too bad… I’d say about on par with last month, so let’s hope next month has something awesome, because I think we are do for some awesomeness MyGlam!


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