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Get your BRONZER on!


SPRING is here and that means it’s time for bronzed, glowing Springtime and Summer skin! Healthy, glowing skin is always a guaranteed “trend” for Spring and Summer, so with that I thought I’d share some tips I have for getting that bronzed look; as well as  sharing my favorite bronzers (with swatches).

Things to remember:

  • Bronzer is not meant to be used on your entire face, but the areas of the face sunlight would naturally hit (usually the places you may tend to get sun burn)
  • When using bronzer for contouring the face, use a matte bronzer or one with very little shimmer (absolutely no glitter) for the most natural look
  • When using a powder bronzer, remember to powder those areas of your skin/foundation with translucent powder first – otherwise the pigment of the bronzer can “stick” to your skin and be difficult to blend
  • If you are heavy-handed with your brush (or new to bronzer), use an extra large loose (less dense) long haired brush – it will pick up less product
  • Less is more – the best thing is to build up your bronzer to the look you want, a little at a time
  • Powder bronzers tend to work best for normal to oily skin types, especially in warmer months! Though you can use cream or gel bronzers, just remember to prime your skin properly
  • Cream and gel bronzers tend to work better for normal to dry skin, but you should still prime your skin properly during the warmer months, as cream and gel products tend to fade more quickly , especially in the heat
  • Don’t forget to add just a bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks for balance, the blush-bronzer combination is always gorgeous
  • Remember don’t choose a bronzer that is too dark, too dark bronzers may look unnatural (or eeek – dirty!)- also select a natural looking blush color to compliment your bronzer choice (a light cream blush will help create a glowy natural look)
  • Keep your make-up simple, if going for that bronzed glowing look
  • Tap your brush off when using powder bronzer
  • Don’t forget to blend!
  • Invest (if you are able to) in a quality brush just for bronzer
  • If you wear your hair up, don’t forget to add a little bronzer to the back of your neck as well
  • Avoid bronzers that are too orange! Orange = unnatural

Where to apply bronzer (for that bronzed summer glow):

  • Tops of cheeks (cheekbones)
  • The bridge of the nose
  • Chin
  • Forehead
  • Use the remaining product left on the brush around the perimiter of your face, onto your neck and chest – you don’t want a bronzed-glowing face and pasty neck (don’t forget the back of your neck)

Where to apply bronzer (for contouring the face):

  • First, choose a matte or nearly matte bronzer – the less warmth in the bronzer the better (this is about contouring not bronzing/tanning the skin)
  • Underneath the cheekbones (and everyone does have cheekbones!)
  • Perimeter of the face (to slim and draw the center of your face forward)
  • Along the jawline (remember you need to blend some product downward onto your neck for a diffused natural look – no harsh lines here!)
  • Beneath the chin
  • Down the sides of the nose (and very lightly under the tip of the nose)
  • Always use a light hand and least amount of product for contouring – you can always build it up

LOTS of info … I know, but now onto my favorites!

NARS Bronzer  in “Laguna”

NARS Bronzer  in “Casino”

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in “Park Ave Princess”

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in “Park Ave Princess”


All these bronzers can be used lightly, I have swatched them heavily so that the differences can be more easily distinguished.  For reference, I am an NC25 in MAC.

NARS Laguna: Great for light and meduim skin tones, can be used for contouring on light skin tones

NARS Casino: Deeper than Laguna, slightly less shimmer than Laguna, great for deeper skin tones and contouring

Tarte Park Ave Princess: Great for light to medium skin tones, leaves a gorgeous golden sheen, NOT for contouring, great highlight for medium to deep skin tones

Tarte Matte Waterproof Park Ave Princess: Great for light to meduim skin tones, great for contouring, waterproof = great for warmer months

Author: ArtsyArchitette

Artist. Architecture lover! Beauty Nerd. Blogger. Crafty Aficionado. Music Enthusiast. Fashion Fiend. And yes I am like no other, deal with it world ♥ Obsession has such a negative connotation, but it’s true, I am obsessed with creativity and all products that help me create. Beauty products are not excluded from my obsession and while my blog has no distinct topic, all things gorgeous and fashionable will probably be a main focus. Here to share my ever-expanding knowledge, interesting finds and random factoids. P.S. I miss my studio

10 thoughts on “Get your BRONZER on!

  1. I’ve never tried a NARS bronzer. I feel like im missing out 😦

  2. Reading your blog, I’m almost tempted to start trying to do my own makeup. Reading your stuff makes me think I MIGHT just be able to get the hang of it if I follow your advice. And you know what kind of statement that is coming from me! Haha

  3. Love this post:) I use Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer and its great too. Heard so much about Nars Laguna and I am tempted to buy it after your post. I have also heard amazing things about Chanel’s bronzer Soleil Tan de Chanel. Have you tried it?

    • Thank you! Definitely, stop by a NARS counter if you can and give Laguna a try 😀
      Oh my gosh, Chanel’s Soleil Tan de Chanel is on my list of things to try – I just keep forgetting to stop by the Chanel counter to test it out – but I have heard its wonderful! My only concern is if I truly love it – its so pricey! If I try it out soon, I’ll definitely let you know.

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