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GUYS your skin matters…

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And by guys I am referring to men in particular. While ladies should most definitely take care of their skin as well, as many do, this post is geared towards the men.  Though ladies, you can read up or pass this on to a guy in your life that could benefit from the info.

Come on guys, you spend money on food, your toys, your car and your clothes, and maybe your significant other, but what happened to taking care of your face? So many men forget that skin care matters even for men!

Invest in your skin, it is usually the first thing people see and it is a reflection of what you are putting in and on your body. It is also a good indicator of your stress level, for most people anyways.

So most importantly, drink water – your body is made up of approximately 70% water and it helps every part of your body and especially your skin.

You shouldn’t be washing your face with shampoo nor body soap and stop touching your face! Shampoos, hand soaps, body washes are NOT formulated for your face and the skin on your face is completely different than the rest of your body. Using products not meant for the face can (and quite possibly will) cause irritation, allergic reactions and acne breakouts, clog your pores and dry out your skin.

Touching your face, usually due to boredom, stress or sleepiness, is a bad habit. Your fingers have bacteria and oils that can cause (more) skin issues.  Also, pulling, scratching and rubbing your facial skin is unhealthy, especially around the delicate eye area. The skin around your eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your skin, as should be treated as such.  Use eye cream – unless you don’t care about looking 45 when your 35!

Exfoliating and properly cleansing your skin is important, especially prior to shaving or grooming of any facial hair. This helps in softening facial hair, eliminating dry skin flakes and bumps reducing the risk of nicks, as well as opening your pores and  giving you a closer shave.  Also, ensure you use a shave cream, shave lotion or shave gel, which are formulated to aid you in shaving and skin hydration – unlike soap.

So important!! Use an SPF face lotion, even if you are going to be inside most of the time! UVA and UVB rays from the sun are damaging to your skin. The rays damage skin cells, in the upper and lower skin layers, aiding in the acceleration of aging skin and wrinkles, as well as increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Remember your skin needs to be hydrated day and night, as air indoors can be quite drying.  Also your skin cells renew faster overnight. Anti-aging products work best at night, since they are not being affected by UV rays nor having to compete with your SPF day protection.

As I am sure your attention span is waning… It really is pretty simply guys:

  1. Drink plenty of WATER – this helps to flush out toxins and hydrate you from the inside out
  2. Properly CLEANSE your skin, with facial cleansers formulated for men (or at least man-friendly) in the morning and evening
  3. EXFOLIATE your skin, but gently – just because your a man and you can, doesn’t mean you should be rubbing your skin off
  4. Use PROPER SHAVING PRODUCTS meant for your facial skin
  5. Use EYE CREAM day and night, to prevent puffy eyes and wrinkles
  6. Use an SPF FACIAL CREAM/LOTION even if you don’t plan on walking outside
  7. Use a man-friendly NIGHT CREAM (most often an anti-aging cream)
Some extra tips:
  1. If you want to wash your face in the shower, do so AFTER you wash your hair – as product residue from your hair styling products and cleansers can affect your skin
  2. Do NOT use the same towel to dry your face that you use to dry your body, body cleansers and soaps, as well as oils are not good for your face
  3. Try a HOT TOWEL treatment: Take a clean wash cloth and run it under hot water, wring out all the water and lay the towel on your face, pressing very lightly – allowing the steam from the towel to open your pores. Remove when the towel begins to cool. You can repeat this 3-5 times to remove your facial cleanser, post-cleansing and/or prior to shaving. FYI: Hot water drys out your skin, this is about the steam from the hot towel not the hot water.

It is important to note that men’s skin is different than women’s and we experience skin issues differently. You should look for product’s that are designed for men. My suggestion is to always look at brands and companies that have a dedicated line of skin care products for men.  

Here are some lines that are definitely worth a look, in my opinion:

Kiehl’s (

A favorite brand of mine for men AND women.

Jack Black (

Clinique (

I understand that money can be a factor, so here are some less expensive but still quality brands.

Neutrogena (

Nivea (


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