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Weekend Conqueror: The Millennium Trilogy


So things have been fairly hectic lately and I decided I would take the weekend to finally start reading Stieg Larsson’s trilogy. If you don’t know who Stieg Larsson is or what The Millennium Trilogy is – what vacation have you been on? And why wasn’t I invited? I sure many people saw the movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, well that’s the first book in the series.

I had been meaning to read the trilogy for quite some time and finally purchased the set a month or two ago.

Now,  I know myself so well and when I have a series that I know is ridiculously amazing (and as powerful as this one), I am prepared – I know I will be forgoing sleep because I just can’t wait to finish out the story. It happens every time! And if it’s a less popular series – it’s proof of an effective writer, at least to me.

I have even refused to see any of the movies, American nor Swedish, until I get through this series.

Factoring in work and life, I should get through the first book this weekend and the remaining two in the next week or two. Just in time for me to reread The Hunger Games, the first book in The Hunger Games Trilogy, before the film comes out on March 23! Just 19 days away!

I hope everyone takes some time to conquer something, even if it means just finding some time for yourself to read for pleasure and escape your own crazy worlds.

Author: ArtsyArchitette

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Conqueror: The Millennium Trilogy

  1. Let us know what you think of the films AFTER you’ve read the books. I’ve reviewed the three Swedish films and did a lengthy discussion review with another blogger. I voted in your poll too.

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