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Uh Oh: Impulse Buy


I think we have all suffered from the Impulse Buy at some point – and admittedly I suffer from it more often then I would prefer to admit, but I would never impulsively purchase something that’s over $100 max. Unfortunately, I just can’t afford to impulse by something any more expensive than that – which I feel many people can relate to.

Alas, a few things caught my eye recently that I just couldn’t help but take home! See here:

The Pillow:

So number one was the decorative pillow, above, with a cropped image of an antique bicycle – the reverse side is solid black. This fits so perfectly with my bedroom and adds just a little something extra fun – like I mentioned – I just couldn’t help myself!

F.Y.I. If you’re interested, it’s from Target!

The Scarf:

Hi my name is Sam and I am a scarf addict. Now my collection of scarves has come to a rough estimate of 28 – none of them alike. I feel I should clarify that my wardrobe is primarily solids and about 80% black, so I tend to purchase more fun accessories.

I picked the gray lime-green-polka-dotted scarf up at Gap (along with the flats). It’s luxuriously soft (100% Viscose Rayon) with a subtle sheen, frayed ends and I just had to add it to my collection 🙂

It is also lightweight enough that I could wear it today in 70 degree weather.

And on to The Flats:

Some may know of these flats already but it was the first time I actually went in and tried them on. I fell in love instantly.

These are the City Flats from Gap. They are the leather “elastic city flats” in the color Chalk (with black elastic trim) – which in person is a taupe-y gray.

The Gap City Flats are designed to fold in half and they come with a matching faux-leather drawstring bag. The footbed is padded, making them extremely comfortable to wear – so I am considering this impulse buy an investment 😀

My only concern would be, since they are made to fold in half, there is a gap in the rubber sole right in the center of the arch. Meaning, if you do decide to wear these for 12 hours and are on your feet for a majority of the time – your feet might be saying ouch at the end of the night!

Considering I have flat feet anyways, on my feet in any shoes for that long makes them hurt.

Overall, I feel my latest impulse buys will be put to good use – plus I had coupons!

Have a great weekend!! Feel free to go crazy and impulse buy – it makes me feel less alone in my shopping (semi) addiction.
P.S. 20 Days till The Hunger Games!!! Be excited. 


Author: ArtsyArchitette

Artist. Architecture lover! Beauty Nerd. Blogger. Crafty Aficionado. Music Enthusiast. Fashion Fiend. And yes I am like no other, deal with it world ♥ Obsession has such a negative connotation, but it’s true, I am obsessed with creativity and all products that help me create. Beauty products are not excluded from my obsession and while my blog has no distinct topic, all things gorgeous and fashionable will probably be a main focus. Here to share my ever-expanding knowledge, interesting finds and random factoids. P.S. I miss my studio

4 thoughts on “Uh Oh: Impulse Buy

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you have 28 scarfs. Did you have anywhere near that many when we lived in Umoja? I know you’re a scarf fiend but I don’t remember that many. Also, before even reading the post, as I scrolled past the flats my immediate thought was “Oh, those are so Sam”. And I can definitely imagine that pillow with your bedroom set, if you still have the same stuff. 🙂

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