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Obsess Much: The Hunger Games! Katniss Everdeen’s Signature Braid


If you are a fan of the Suzanne Collins epic trilogy “The Hunger Games” then I’m sure you have every detail of those books memorized and questions surrounding every detail you don’t have.

From the moment I read about Katniss’s signature braid in the books, and considering her character, I had been aching to see what it looked like.  Now I know in the books it is described as being generally straight down her back, but I thought about what happens throughout the day – Katniss surviving, climbing, hunting, running and walking through the woods (and the arena) and how that would effect the style – for that truly semi-disheveled, yet carefree and humidity affected but still lovely look.

Since we are, in a way, lucky enough to have this series  become a very-soon-to-be blockbuster film – we get to have a few of those missing details filled in for us. Granted for this particular detail, it seems they took some leeway with the look – but I’m not disappointed.

Now, Suzanne Collins herself was involved in the production of the movie, The Hunger Games out March 23!!. So I feel it is safe to say that certain details  we are seeing in the movie (that were not already included in the books themselves) is what she envisioned or at least something she agreed enhanced her characters.

Since the promotional materials, movie stills and posters, and trailers have hit the internet, I have been trying to master the Katniss (Movie) Braid. It is not too complicated a style, though with my quite curly – very long hair, french-braiding my own hair poses a few issues, even more depending on how much sleep I had.

For reference, see the images here:

I did come across an article earlier this month, published on, that has the details straight from the lead stylist herself:

” The Hunger Games won’t be in theaters until March, but thanks to the movie’s lead stylist, Linda Flowers, you can get Katniss Everdeen’s signature undone braid right now. “The key to pulling off this style is being creative,” Flowers says. “Her character is fierce yet feminine, so her hair is meant to have texture and look effortless.” Ready to get just as inventive as our District 12 heroine? Keep reading for the complete step-by-step.

Step one: prep
Start by setting hair with The TopStyler, a curling and waving system that Flowers invented herself, using a soft-spin technique to form texture and dimension. Do this by twisting the hair a few times, wrapping it backward with one finger, and clamping it in place using the ceramic shell clips (much the same as you would hot rollers). Let your hair set for 10 minutes and release when cool.

Step two: braid
Create a side-swept French braid by starting on the left side of your head and plaiting around until it drapes over your right shoulder. For a natural, unfinished look, leave a few wispy pieces out of the braid to frame your face.

While I do feel that this is a good general idea, I do think that as the lead stylist, Linda Flowers  should know the details about the signature Katniss Braid – BUT she seems to have included an unnecessary pitch for the TopStyler (the style does not require this particular tool!) – bad form Ms. Flowers.

She also failed to mentioned that the braid is actually a Reverse-French Braid, also known as a Dutch French Braid. Simply – Dutch style means to plait your hair under rather than over like a normal braid. So just like a French braid, you take your three initial sections, but cross each side section under the middle section – taking up more hair in each section as you braid downward.

THOUGH, you can do this style using a regular French Braid method – it looks great either way! I’m still mastering the art that is trying to french braid my own hair, so that it comes out looking fabulous every time.

To sum it all up:

1. PROTECT your hair if you are using heat tools and to combat frizz.

2. Create TEXTURE in your hair (unless you got it naturally).

  • curls
  • waves
  • braiding your hair in small braids and leaving them overnight is a great trick for no-heat texture
  • (even crimps if that’s your favorite)

3.  GATHER your hair to the side that you would like the braid to fall on, deciding where you would like your part to be.

  • The Katniss Braid positions the part about 1 inch off-center to the side which your braid will fall

4. BRAID your hair, starting above your ear from the opposite side of where your braid will fall, plaiting (in either French or Dutch style) around the base of your head towards the shoulder your braid will fall over and secure the end.

5. Optional: TUG your braid apart and pull out some short pieces, if you have layers, for that more casually-sexy, unfinished feel.

And to end things on a truly awesome Hunger Games hair style … it’s Seneca Crane’s Beard on Wes Bentley’s gorgeous face!

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4 thoughts on “Obsess Much: The Hunger Games! Katniss Everdeen’s Signature Braid

  1. Braids seem to be making a great comeback (how did they ever go out of style?) I keep willing my hair to grow out long enough for a braid. Thanks for a different view of Hunger Games. I can’t wait for the movie!
    Happy Pages,

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